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Welcome to Baby Songs and Lullabies

A very warm welcome to Baby Songs and Lullabies, we are delighted that you found us. Here you will find a selection of beautiful and unique baby songs for your precious little one. Studies show how beneficial music is in supporting the development of good social and communication skills, and in establishing sound sleep patterns that can last a life time. Our albums of relaxing music will help to soothe and comfort with a unique blend of nature sounds and music from the womb combined with well known baby songs and lullabies.

All of our music is written and produced to the highest standards, and uses well researched relaxation aids such as beautiful nature sounds and recordings from the womb, sometimes known as womb music. A relaxed baby is a happy baby, and our collection of relaxing music will not only soothe and comfort, it will also help your baby sleep.

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New Releases - Help Your Baby Sleep

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